Fanmix album by Kike Madrid

Album Tracks

Cover/Inlay/Disc Artwork

All MusicVR The Album tracks were edited, arranged, and mixed together by Kike Madrid via sound files extracted directly from the Tr3s Lunas computer game. These extracted files were encoded in lossy OGG Vorbis format and as such don't retain perfect audio quality compared to that of a CD. The MP3s are encoded at 44khz and 128kbps.

This album is a fanmade arrangement/edit of music stems composed by Mike Oldfield for the game Music VR and is NOT TO BE SOLD in any way shape or form. If you like the music, try the PC games "Music VR" and "Maestro" themselves created by Mike Oldfield! Also listen to his album "Tr3s Lunas" and the double-CD album Light & Shade, which contain a few new remixes from both games.

For more fanmade albums based on Music VR, check out "Tr3s Lunas II" by Brandon Blume and "Return To The Origin" by Marcus Junglas!