Fanmix album by Brandon Blume

In the beginning, Mike Oldfield released a revolutionary and original 3D game for PC (Mac and Linux weren't supported) in 2002 called Music VR in which you explore strange 3D atmospheres and locations and interact with creatures and characters of all shapes and sizes. The experience included brilliant collages of breathtaking music and beautiful visual graphics along the way. Shortly thereafter he released a soundtrack of the game called Tr3s Lunas which contained the full game on a second separate CD.

As good as it was, the soundtrack fell short as it did not contain all of the music that was found in the game. In an effort to let non-PC users in on the experience, several individuals extracted the music and sound files from the game and put together various fanmixes of all the different themes from Music VR that weren't on the soundtrack CD album, creating new albums for the fans' enjoyment. Among the many brilliant arrangements of MVR music created and released via the internet, two of the highest rated were Marcus Junglas' "Return to the Origin" and my own "Tr3s Lunas II".

Since their releases, Return To The Origin, Tr3s Lunas II, and other MVR fan-mixes have given many Mike Oldfield and Music VR fans alike (including myself) hours of enjoyment. If you're a Mike Oldfield fan and haven't played Music VR or would just like to listen to the music without playing the game, then I give you Tr3s Lunas II as a free download. You won't be disappointed!

Album Tracks

Cover/Inlay/Disc Artwork

Original artwork by: Mige Iranzo, inspired by Hans Claesson

Alternate artwork by: Hans Claesson, edited by Brandon Blume

Bonus Music VR mixes by OMA!

All Tr3s Lunas II tracks were edited, arranged, and mixed together by Brandon Blume via sound files extracted directly from the Tr3s Lunas computer game. These extracted files were encoded in lossy OGG Vorbis format and as such don't retain perfect audio quality compared to that of a CD. The MP3s are encoded at 44khz and a high bitrate (256 kbps) so as to preserve as much quality as possible without degrading it further, but the results are still less than perfect regardless. No way around it. I lost the original source WAV files that I had created, so FLACs are out of the question. This is all that remains. I hope you enjoy it!

This album is a fanmade edit of music designed by Mike Oldfield and is NOT TO BE SOLD in any way shape or form. If you like the music, try the PC games "Music VR" and "Maestro" themselves created by Mike Oldfield! Also listen to his album "Tr3s Lunas" and the double-CD album Light & Shade, which contain a few new remixes from both games.

For more fanmade albums based on Music VR, check out "Return To The Origin" by Marcus Junglas and "MusicVR: The Album" by Kike Madrid!